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[texts]Simulation and Analysis of Control Strategies for DSTATCOM
Reactive power and supply unbalance  compensation in power distribution network is a key factor in improving quality at user end. Further, the control techniques applied to the DSTATCOM play major role in its performance. A Distribution STATic COMpensator (DSTATCOM) has been proposed for compensation of reactive power and unbalance caused by various loads in distribution system. An evaluation of three different methods has been made to derive reference currents for a DSTATCOM...
Keywords: Distribution STATic COMpensator (DSTATCO M)
Downloads: 258
[texts]25. Eng Tuning Of A Novel Feedback First Order Compensator Galal A. Hassaan - GALAL A. HASSAAN
Compensators are used in place of classical PID controllers for possible achievement of better performance. Highly oscillating processes require more effort in selecting proper controllers or compensators. In this work a novel compensator based on a series proportional controller and a feedback lag-lead compensator is proposed and applied to control a process having 85 % overshoot and about 6 seconds settling time...
Keywords: Highly Oscillating Processes; Feedback Lag-Lead Compensator; Series Proportional Controller; Control System Performance; Compensator Tuning
[texts]6. Tuning Of A Lead.full
Lag-lead compensators are well known in automatic control engineering. They have 4 parameters to be adjusted (tuned) for proper operation. The frequency response of the control system or the root locus plot are traditionally used totune the compensator in a lengthy procedure. A first order with an integrator process in a unity feedback loop of 67.3 % maximum overshoot and 12  seconds settling time is controlled using a lag-lead compensator (through  simulation)...
Keywords: Compensator; Root Locus; Overshoot; Frequency Response; Settling Time and Matlab
Downloads: 1
[texts]A Novel Compensating Technique for Power Factor Improvement in Power Electronic Systems
Power electronics systems are non-linear systems, which consume more reactive power and also the loads they feed are mostly inductive loads which leads to a poor power factor. Various compensation techniques are available to bring the power factor nearer to unity. In this paper, a novel compensator is proposed, where in-phase and quadrature components of the supply current are vector-controlled. Implementation of this compensator in a power electronic system operating with a very poor power fact...
Keywords: Total Harmonic Distortion; Vector Control; Compensator; Switching; Power Electronic Converters
Downloads: 78
[texts]2. Electronics IJECE Location Of Series FACTS Archana
In recent years, continuous and reliable electric energy supply is the objective of any power system operation. Over last decade FACTS devices have become popular and are very effective solution for many power system transmission problems. FACTS controllers can be used for steady state voltage regulation and control, steady state control of power flow on a transmission line, transient stability enhancement...
Keywords: Flexible Alternative Current Transmission Systems; (FACTS); Genetic Algorithm (GA); Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator (TCSC); Self Tuning Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator
Downloads: 1
[texts]2. Electronics IJECE Location Of Series FACTS Archana
In recent years, continuous and reliable electric energy supply is the objective of any power system operation. Over last decade FACTS devices have become popular and are very effective solution for many power system transmission problems. FACTS controllers can be used for steady state voltage regulation and control, steady state control of power flow on a transmission line, transient stability enhancement...
Keywords: Flexible Alternative Current Transmission Systems; (FACTS); Genetic Algorithm (GA); Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator (TCSC); Self Tuning Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator
Downloads: 1
[texts]24. Eng Voltage Profile Enhancement In A Power System K. S. Ramanjaneyulu - K. S. Ramanjaneyulu & K. Padma
The objective of this paper is to keep the power system to remain in voltage stable condition when it experiences a load change and contingency, also deals with the simulation of various FACTS controllers using simulation with                PSIM simple circuit model of SVC Control Strategy system was simulated. This paper explains about the simulation and implementation of thyristor controlled reactor and thyristor switched capacitor of SVC...
Keywords: Static VAR Compensator; Thyristor Controlled Reactor; Thyristor Switched Capacitor; PSIM Software
Downloads: 4
[texts]Robustly Stabilizing Individual Generators with Gain‐scheduling SVC via the Small‐gain Theorem
Individual generators in multi‐machine networks arerepresented by closed‐loop configurations of linear timeinvariantmodeling and nonlinear feedback, subject tomodeling uncertainties and power disturbances, based onwhich control laws and implementation algorithms of staticVAR compensators (SVC) are established to robustlystabilize individual generators by combining the gainschedulingtechnique to the small‐gain theorem in the senseof finite‐gain 2 L ‐stability...
Keywords: Swing Equation; Static VAR Compensator; Gain Scheduling; Small‐gain Theorem; Finite‐gain 2 L ‐stability
Downloads: 7
[texts]37.. Electrical IJEEER POWER QUALITY ENHANCEMENT Firas Marwan Copy
This paper presents the improvement of voltage sags; harmonic distortion and low power factor by preparing model of Distribution Static Compensator (D-STATCOM) with LCL Passive Filter in distribution system using MATLAB Simulink, then evaluate and analyze the performance of  D-STATCOM and LCL filter in distribution system. The model isbased on the Voltage Source Converter (VSC) principle. The D-STATCOM injects a current into the system to mitigate the voltage sags...
Keywords: Distribution Static Compensator; Power Quality; Passive Filter; LCL Filter; Voltage Sags; Current Harmonics
Downloads: 5
[texts]Voltage Sag Mitigation in Utility Connected System Using Current Source Converter Based D-STATCOM
This paper discusses the implementation of currentsource converter based distribution type static synchronouscompensator. For eliminating the lower order harmonics, thepower semiconductors are switched by pulse width modulationtechnique. Current source converter, input filter, dc linkreactor are combined to design the proposed CSC basedSTATCOM. Since the STATCOM is a current injectiondevice, the performance of the device is improved by a currentsourceconverter (CSC) combination...
Keywords: Static VAR Compensator; STATCOM; current source converter (CSC); voltage source converter (VSC); FACTS
Downloads: 32
[texts]Small Signal Stability Improvement and Congestion Management Using PSO Based TCSC Controller
In this paper an attempt has been made to study the application of Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) to mitigate small signal stability problem in addition to congestion management of a heavily loaded line in a multimachine power system. The Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) devices such as TCSC can be used to control the power flows in the network and can help in improvementof small signal stability aspect...
Keywords: Congestion management; Particle Swarm Optimization; Small Signal Stability; Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator; Transmission Line Flow Sensitivity
Downloads: 143
[texts]Review of Active Reactive Power Flow Control Using Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) - www.ijrde.com
The control of power and the usable capacity enhancement of present as well as new and upgraded line can be effectively done by FACTS technology. In this paper describe the active and reactive power flow into the line for the purposed of compensation as well as enhancement of power transmission capability of transmission line. The active and reactive power flow control through a transmission line by placing SSSC at the middle of power system...
Keywords: Power Flow Control; Static Synchronous Series Compensator; Prashant Dhoble; Arti Bhandakkar
Downloads: 146
[texts]SSSC and TCPS Based Hydrothermal System to Improve Dynamic Performance Via FABFM
This paper investigates Automatic Generation Control (AGC)of hydrothermal system under deregulated environment. Anovel dual mode controller is used in AGC and theoptimization process is done by Fuzzy Adaptive BacterialForaging Method (FABFM). The dynamic performance ofthe system with regard to peak time, overshoot and settlingtime has been improved by means of Flexible ACTransmission Systems (FACTS) devices like StaticSynchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) and ThyristorControlled Phase Shifter (T...
Keywords: AGC; Dual Mode Controller; Fuzzy Adaptive Bacterial Foraging Method(FABFM); Static Synchronous Series Compensator(SSSC); Thyristor Controlled Phase Shifter(TCPS)
Downloads: 14
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1964-77
R&D Report 1964-77 : Simple drop-out compensator for video tape recorders W.K.E. Geddes A brief description is given of a simple device that considerably reduces the subjective impairment produced by 'drop-out' in video tape recording. Subjective tests are described whose results indicate the degree of improvement to be expected from use of such a device.
Keywords: compensator; video; signal; impairment; subjective; luminance; experimental; duration; compensated; diode; impairment produced; envelope detector; video signal; tape recorders; video tape; repetition rate; technological report; diode switch
Downloads: 25
[texts]21. Effect Of Varying.full
With increasing complexity of the network and the rising demand, the need for maintaining the operational parameters of the power system within limits increases. Normally it is preferred to have reactive power compensation donelocally at the load points or at low voltage pockets in the system to improve the voltage profile. With improving technology and the introduction of Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) devices, reactive power compensation of the network is done with better controllabi...
Keywords: Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS); Load Flow Studies; Reactive Power Compensation; Simulation; Static VAr Compensator (SVC); System Losses and Voltage Profile
Downloads: 22
[texts]Hipoint 380Comp
Hipoint 380Comp
Keywords: magazine; pistol; slide; compensator; ihc; sear; spnng; barrel; safety; hold open; shot magazine; magazine catch; slide retainer; round hold; observation port; extended magazine; counter weight; chamber observation
Downloads: 7
[texts]BSTJ 36: 5. September 1957: Theory of Curved Circular Waveguide Containing an Inhomogeneous Dielectric. (Morgan, Samuel P.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 36: 5. September 1957 pp 1209-1251. Theory of Curved Circular Waveguide Containing an Inhomogeneous Dielectric. (Morgan, Samuel P.)
Keywords: mode; dielectric; modes; bend; guide; teoi; compensator; coupling; waveguide; spurious; coupling coefficient; mode conversion; circular waveguide; coupling coefficients; system technical; power transfer; bending radius; bell system; inhomogeneous dielectric; maximum power
Downloads: 42
[texts]BSTJ 19: 2. April 1940: Advances in Carrier Telegraph Transmission. (Matte, A.L.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 19: 2. April 1940 pp 161-208. Advances in Carrier Telegraph Transmission. (Matte, A.L.)
Keywords: telegraph; carrier; circuit; marking; relay; condenser; transmission; voltage; spacing; frequency; level compensator; spacing interference; carrier telegraph; system technical; bell system; receiving relay; sending filter; technical journal; telegraph transmission; steady marking
Downloads: 34
[texts]BBC Monograph Number 57
BBC Monograph 57: Drop-out in Video-tape Recording. W.K.E. Geddes.
Keywords: impairment; subjective; duration; bbc; compensator; signal; video; tests; broadcasting; voltage; analogue circuit; sound broadcasting; video signal; time constant; video tape; output voltage; british broadcasting; impairment produced; subjective impairment; repetition rate
Downloads: 46
This paper deals with the performance analysis of static compensator (STATCOM) based voltage regulator for self excited induction generators (SEIGs) supplying balanced/unbalanced and linear/non linear loads. A three-phase insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) based current controlled voltage source inverter (CC-VSI) known as STATCOM is used for harmonic elimination. It also provides the required reactive power SEIG needs to maintain a constant terminal voltage under varying loads...
Downloads: 408
[texts]International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR): Volume 2 Issue 11 November 2013 - International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), www.ijsr.net
International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR): Volume 2 Issue 11 November 2013
Keywords: Mole plough; electronic control system; hydraulic system; control valve; stepper motor Fish species; Gwagwalada; Heavy metals; bioaccumulation First year medical students; learning style; learning preference; Training need; Employee competency Stress; Gender; Curricular year; choosing profession LA-laparoscopic appendicectimy; SIOA-small incision open appendicectomy; cosmetic results; cost effectiveness; duration of surgery Social work; intervention; the VARK; rehabilitation; ex- militants; Kashmir Ethics; Information; Information Systems; Social; Society Agent; Multiagent; decision making; dynamic information Hydraulic Excavator Bucket; rural medical college Cost leadership; Fixture; Sub-Assembly; Isometric view; ANSI Drawing; Welding; Cycle time per Job infertility; counseling; assisted reproductive technology; stress Yoruba; Ritual; Differentiation; Soyinka; Community; Cleansing Data repair; secret sharing; grayscale document image; Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image High Frequency Hearing Loss; Pure Tone Audiometry; Mobile Phone Disposal of sewage; COD; BOD; Market focus; Batch and column operation; Fly ash Wireless Sensor Networks; Trust Based Methodologies; Energy consumption patterns; NBBTE Algorithm Diagnosis; biopotential system; data acquisition; wireless integration faults signal analysis; empirical mode decomposition; kolmogorov-smirnov test; Performance; Improved Hilbert Huang transform Custom power; interface devices; OPEN unified power-quality conditioner (UPQC); power quality (PQ) Geographical Information Systems; Google Map; Google Earth; and API Information repackaging; info-engineering; Analysis and Consolidation of Information; CAS; Corporate growth; SDI; Data Compilation and Processing Election; voters; community; factor analysis; information; variable Record Deduplication; preprocessing; Cleaning; Dirty data; Competitive strategies Book theft; genetic programming; mbat algorithm; firefly algorithm Integrated Living Skills (ILS); professional skills; teachers; School Based Evaluation (SBE); teaching and learning process Physicochemical parameters; Formation water; Electrical conductivity; Total dissolved solid; Mutilation; offshore Information Marketing; Library marketing; Library economy Adaline; diesel generator set; distribution static synchronous compensator (DSTATCOM); harmonic elimination load compensation leadership; life skills; head panel; teacher; management E-Learning; Disfigurement; Semantic Web; Metadata; Ontology; Virtual Classroom dyslexia; Pocket Note; effectiveness; drilling; cognitive; syllable Corporate sustainability Reporting. Corporate social reporting; corporate social responsibility; Malpractice; social value; corporate ethics Quality; Satisfaction; Workshop; Community college; Servqual Pro-social behaviour; parental behaviour; ‘t’ test; Pearson correlation; higher secondary students vocational college; Mekelle University Synthesis; co-curricular activities; Stastistical Packages For Social Sciences (SPSS) Support Vector Machine (SVM); Received Signal Strength Identity (RSSI); Hyperplane; Location Fingerprint; Statistical Learning. Women; leader; School Processed cheese spread; Functional cheese; ω-3 fatty acid; zeolite LTA; Cost; Cheese plant Behavioural Competency; Cronbach’s Alpha; Under Graduate Students; ‘t’ test; spilt half Data aggregation; Information fusion; In-Network Aggregation; Routing Protocol Magnetic shielding; demonstration; underground water; experiment Cloud Computing; Energy Efficiency; Cloud Efficiency Model; BCloud; Cloud consideration Mobile Ad-Hoc; Routing; AODV; DSDV; Performance; Comparison Quality; silver-zeolite ECG; Monitoring; Evaluation; Teacher preparation Data publishing; Data anonymization; Generalization; Bucketization; slicing histogram; hough transform; anti-spam technology; image spam detection; MSP430; spam archive dataset Destination IP address; Hop count filtering; IP spoofing; Man-in-the-middle attack; Penetration test; source IP address human rights; constitution; convention; family; society Image processing; Android; Face recognition; PCA; Eigen Face; Microcontroller; MATLAB and Camera WIMAX; WIFI; mobility; 4G; Ad-hoc Network (as cognitive Radio) Cloud computing; Scheduling; Service Level Agreements (SLA); Bluetooth; Virtualization; Virtual Machines (VM) Cholecystitis; Laparoscopiccholecystectomy; Singleport; Bileleak; Biliary colic Steganography; video processing; Motion vectors; DCT; DWT; Mobile Health Solanum; LSB Pretreatment; Algal biomass; Biofuel; Saccharification; Fermentation awareness; performance; mental; emotional; stability POP; OCB; pharmacological-properties; Self Monitoring Manets; AODV protocol; Attacks; Malicious nodes Friction stir processing; (FSP); Microstructure; Mechanical Properties Design and development of composite/hybrid propeller shaft using fiber reinforced plastic material (FRP) Stewart Platform; Ansys software; mathematical model; finite element analysis dietary pattern; inter-specific; diet; student; sennar university; university life Girls; Exercise; Sprinters; Training Fingerprint identification; image processing; contextual filtering; minutiae Antioxidant; embryo-culture business process integration; antimicrobial; DPPH; in vitro; solvent extraction; polyphenols; nutraceutical Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR); Harmonic Distortion; Repetitive Control; Voltage Sag; Voltage swell competitive; supply chain collaboration; globalized business environment; e-procurement; operational costs Big Data; structured data; semi structured data; unstructured data; integration; technology Wireless sensor networks; cut detection; energy efficiency Africa; challenges; Guinea fowl; competitive advantage; keets; poverty; predation; farmer’ welfare; corn MWCNT; Epoxy Composite; Nanotechnology; CNC milling; Manufacturing Karnataka; Marathi; Cultural; Maharashtra and Kannada Bilateral filter; Markov Random Field (MRF); Maximum A Posteriori (MAP); regularization; Super Resolution (SR). web mining; Market Basket analysis; personalized product recommendation; Association rules mining; Support count Physicochemical; gelatinization; emulsion capacity; water holding capacity; foam capacity Intuitionistic fuzzy set; Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multi sets; Geometric Distance; Normalized Hamming distance Fluent; Ventilation; Air conditioning; Air distribution; Operating room Solar module; Batteries; PMDC motor; Charge Controller strategy; strategic planning; strategy implementation; organizational structure Hepatitis C virus; β-thalassemia major; Hereditary anemia; Consanguinity Anomaly; Gravity; Magnetics. Globalization; Technology; Talents; World economic Forum; mobility; cultural agility Learning; Academic Programs; Academic Programs Continuity; University; Student; Faculty Robust UART; RRS filer; data processing; communication; noise Colocosiaesculenta; proximate; anti-nutrients; phytochemicals seismic; structure; fault; hydrocarbon Crotonpenduliflorus; seed coat; proximate; minerals Training; Performance; Importance; Effectiveness; Benefits
Downloads: 71
[texts]Forex Trainning Manual Vol 1 - http://pak.ifxworld.com
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In the process, Adviser monitors the open foreign exchange position for each currency to minimize foreign exchange risks. Due to the fact that trade is conducted in several directions, the adviser does not fixate on one accompanied by an open position and opens the parallel position on other instruments, thus compensating for the risks and reducing the possibility of a large almost to zero drawdown. Advisor is not a Pipsovschik, and his work has no claims on the part of any of the well-known brokers. Since the EA trades at once in both directions, its profitability in times greater than the profitability of their predecessors. Auto-Profit Advisor is a new generation, are not to be restricted to trade only with one or more currency pairs, and use the full potential of the market and the whole range of possible tools of the trade! 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It is possible to install a fixed initial sales lot. 3. program does not use the pending orders. 4. We use virtual trading levels of the grid (marked horizon. lines on the chart), with achievement of which the program is making in its inherent logic of the action. 5. algorithm consists of three logical parts: - the basic logic - when net sales are normal. - support - when the error condition occurs, it closes the warrants using the average over the volume with the total trading results or trallingstopa grid to normal. - trade only BUY / SELL - Control logic - ensures that while the core logic (TS standard) for all orders was put TP or SL. 6. program can trade in three layers, the inclusion of each additional layer depends on the number of orders of the previous layer, or layer is directly connected as a compensator imbalance of trade in the previous layer - the protective function - relationship is set in the properties. 7. 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